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Checkmate 2.0 - Minecraft in Depth

Updated: Oct 10, 2019


This session is an extension of our introductory session this morning - Checkmate: Game Theory and Critical Thinking in the Classroom. We aim to go deeper with how Minecraft can be integrated purposefully throughout the curriculum. In this session, we will outline how students will use critical and creative thinking, and communication to collaborate and personalize their learning. As a learner be open to exploration and problem solving. We will look at aspects of Minecraft including: Code Connect, Classroom Mode, and Creative Mode. We will also explore how students can share and reflect on learning using Chrome extensions such as ScreenCastify.


We are three elementary school teachers with a passion for innovative learning and finding intentional ways to infuse technology into our practice in order to bring students to the center of their learning. Although each of us brings our own passions to our collaborative learning table, we have found that we are able to weave them together in a way that creates quality authentic learning experiences for our students. Over the past school year we have thoughtfully explored and experimented different apps and programs with our students in order to find ways to let the learners take ownership of their learning. As a team, our goal is to learn alongside our students to explore different ways in which they can personalize their learning in order to make deeper meaningful connections to the curriculum. We hope is to share some experiences and thoughts of engaging ways to infuse tech into your classroom with the intention of placing the learner at the center.


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