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Encouraging Our Students to be Digital Content Creators

Updated: Oct 10, 2019


"Encouraging Our Students to be Digital Content Creators" encourages students to take ownership of their learning through the use of digital creation methods. Harnessing the power of our students' own devices, as well as devices that may be available in the school, we will explore how we can encourage students to be digital content creators, and not simply digital content consumers. When students become content creators, they can understand the stylistic choices that they encounter on a daily basis. Further, digital content creation allows for students to interact with each other and produce content that offers alternative ways for communicating learning outcomes that otherwise might not be explored through traditional pen and paper methods. This session also explores the social nature of digital content creation, and how Google Classroom, as well as G Suite for education, facilitates new learning experiences that stretches students, as well as recognizes the individuality and expression of our students. Key takeaways from this session include: the theoretical framework around why students need to create their own content, ways to create content (with examples, and the workflow of how students will create/share/and take action with the content they create.


Justin Bolivar - Before becoming a Secondary Teacher, I worked for one of the largest tech companies in the world providing product and software training for employees. One day I decided to leave that behind and become a teacher. Since then, I have worked in the North Vancouver and Central Okanagan School districts, and have had a focus on building and supporting technology use in schools, specifically in the English classroom. Having experience as an English teacher and Teacher-Librarian, I hope to build the skills of not only students, but staff as well. I liked infusing technology in education so much, that I completed by Masters of Education Technology, and use the methods I learned to enhance the learning environment for my students.


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