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How to engage elementary students (K-7) with career-focused portfolio building

Updated: Oct 1, 2019


With the new Career Education (K-12) curriculum, many BC school districts are using the All About Me portfolio to engage students in self-inquiry, goal setting, pathway exploration and planning, as well as reporting on the Core Competencies. This workshop will interactively explore how students can build their Portfolios to develop their meta-cognitive skills through self-discovery and reflection. During the inquiry process, students can showcase their interests, experiences, and learning through a variety of media, including audio and video recordings, drawings, file upload, journal entries and much more! As the only portfolio tool with a built-in Career Education component, students can explore the My Future feature to engage in the discovery of the world of work to identify opportunities that are available to them through open-ended exploration and age-appropriate, interactive games to uncover who they want to become. In addition, we will explore the Teacher Account to showcase how educators can provide ongoing and formative assessment for students, design custom class activities that support curriculum connections and differentiated learning, while also providing a platform to connect and collaborate with families. By attending this workshop, you will leave with our grade-specific BC Curriculum Connections resources, which outline unique learning situations for All About Me Portfolio and related subject-specific curricular and core competency connections, as well as 30+ lesson plans and implementation ideas to support you and your students with self-discovery, digital citizenship, financial literacy, and documentation of their learning.


Meredith Melvin is Support Coordinator at myBlueprint. She completed her Bachelor of Education from McGill University. Her role at myBlueprint is centered around supporting teachers and counsellors with career and education planning, and empowering students to make the most informed decisions about their futures.

The myBlueprint team now supports student success in close partnership with 360+ Districts with a reach of nearly 1 million Canadian students.=


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