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How to engage students (8-12) with creating interactive digital Portfolios

Updated: Oct 1, 2019


Digital portfolio tools have grown to become a mainstay in classrooms as an essential learning and assessment tool. By working with over 50+ school districts across the province of British Columbia, myBlueprint has become a leader in online career education resources and student-driven digital portfolios to engage students in documenting and sharing their learning and experiences in the form of text and rich media artifacts, such as audio and video recordings, journal entries, file uploads, and much more!

This workshop will explore how educators can empower learners to take ownership of their education and encourage a strong student voice within the classroom through the use of the Education Planner’s digital Portfolios tool. We will demonstrate how the self-directed nature of Portfolios recognize students’ individual differences and allow for them to record subject-specific or competency-related goals. Students can complete career assessments to identify their interests, explore related occupations and post-secondary opportunities, and meaningfully reflect on the horizontal connections between the curriculum and the world outside of the classroom.

Finally, we will explore the Teacher Account to share how staff can use the program as a formative assessment tool to provide regular and meaningful feedback for students as well as create custom class activities to support the curriculum and the creation of subject-specific portfolios. You will leave with the myBlueprint Core Competencies Lesson Plan Package, Career Life Education lesson plan course package, Career Life Connections Activity Guide and a Capstone-at-a-Glance resource – which are designed to support you, your staff and students with self-assessment of the Core Competencies, meeting the Career Education Learning Standards, and the development of meaningful portfolios.


Meredith Melvin is Support Coordinator at myBlueprint. She completed her Bachelor of Education from McGill University. Her role at myBlueprint is centered around supporting teachers and counsellors with career and education planning, and empowering students to make the most informed decisions about their futures.

The myBlueprint team now supports student success in close partnership with 360+ Districts with a reach of nearly 1 million Canadian students.=


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