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Micro:Bit 2.0 Beyond the basics

Updated: Oct 10, 2019


You have these Micro:bits in your school or classroom, but how are you using them. This session will take you beyond the basics and stretch you to understand how you can really engage your students with the Micro:bit, computing and developing physical models. Learn how to use an infrared sensor, servo motors, moisture sensors, external speakers, and more. This puts learners at the center and will allow them to take control over what they will do with the Micro:bit.


Cory Aitken has been a teacher of technology, maker, and mathematics for the past 22 years. His focus on hands on learning and incorporating technology into all classrooms has been evident throughout his career. He was recently worked with Arduino, Micro:Bit, Scratch Programming, Drones, Makey-Makey technology, 3-D printing as well as teaching with other programming languages.


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