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Seesaw: An E-Portfolio 'One-Stop-Shop'

Updated: Oct 1, 2019


In this session, participants will learn about the benefits of using Seesaw (an e-portfolio platform) to place students at the center of their own learning. They will also be given the opportunity to view a few demonstrations that will illustrate the versatility of this web resource, and also have ample time to create their own accounts and begin to dabble with the site navigation and features for both students and teachers. Time will be given for guided exploration of this e-portfolio option to show how it allows the students themselves to be the creators of their own learning journey documentation. Workshop participants will have access to a slide deck that summarizes the presentation and contains links to online resources that will aid them in diving more deeply into Seesaw on their own time as well. Seesaw puts out a great deal of professional development opportunities throughout the year and they are always seeking to improve upon the platform, so participants who are interested in using this resource will be well supported beyond this session. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to the session and if possible, arrive with a Google account for educators already activated.


I have been an elementary school teacher since 1999. I have a Masters in Educational Technology from UBC and I also have my Level 1 Google Certification. I am a certified Seesaw Ambassador as well. I am passionate about using technology in the classroom for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that technology can ‘level the playing field’ for all learners. For this reason, I am always on the lookout for platforms and applications that have assistive technologies built right into them to allow all of my students to have access points into their own learning, at their own ability levels. I am also always striving to learn new and innovative ways to enhance my student’s learning opportunities in order to increase their engagement and allow them to be a central part of their own education. Although technology is not the only way in which students can become empowered learners, I believe that it is an incredibly effective tool when used mindfully to shape and inform our practice.


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