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Shifting the Core to Put Students at the Centre

Updated: Oct 1, 2019


In this session, Karin and Mel will take you on a tour of practical examples in which students are put at the centre of their learning and the assessment process. Shifting the pedagogical core is key to making learning relevant, meaningful, and personalized for all students. By incorporating the 7 OECD Principles of Learning including making learning social, creating horizontal connections and activating the emotions of learners, students are better able to learn in a dynamic and rigorous climate that encourages them to truly understand themselves as learners. Specific examples include how educators can shift the resources, environment, curriculum design, and assessment practices in order to empower all learners. Attendees will then apply these strategies and techniques to their practice in order to put their own students at the centre.


Melanie Charest and Karin DuMont have been teaching in middle school for a combined 25 years. They are currently co-teaching in a cross curricular grade 8 classroom at Ecole KLO Middle School in Kelowna, British Columbia. They are both passionate about experiential learning, meaningful, quality assessment, and nurturing the holistic development of adolescents in an inclusive and engaging environment.

This team of educators has found great success for their students through shifting the pedagogical core to put students at the centre of their learning journeys. As a result, students are involved in the assessment process, and have agency over the high quality tasks they design to demonstrate and express their learning.

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