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The Edwin Impact on Student Engagement and Achievement

Updated: Oct 10, 2019


At this workshop, you will discover and experience new approaches to the demands of today’s curriculum and share in success stories of improved student engagement leading to positive educational outcomes. Edwin is a learning ecosystem that integrates with a school’s existing technology to unify the digital learning experience within a trusted and secure environment. Designed by Nelson, Canada’s largest and leading educational publisher, and informed by direct collaboration with students, teachers, administrators and parents, Edwin is the tool for the modern classroom. Topics covered will include: - Research on the use and impact of one-to-one laptops for teaching and learning - Enhancing teaching and learning using resources developed specifically for the new BC curriculum, along with a wealth of digital tools and apps - Success stories from Edwin classrooms across Canada


Lionel's professional background includes teaching in both the K-12 and university systems, leading provincial and national curriculum science initiatives and creating print and digital resources. Currently he spends time working with teachers supporting their practice with a focus on inquiry, student engagement, and integrating science and literacy skills into all subjects. He is also involved in working collaboratively with teachers to create customized resources using social media and digital printing technology. In his free time, he enjoys getting outdoors, spending time with his three boys and discovering what’s around the next corner.

Andrea Phillips is the Edwin Account Manager for Western Canada working with Nelson Education to facilitate transformation and innovation in the classroom. Andrea’s professional experience spans both the business and education fields with a background in sales and entrepreneurship and classroom teaching, primarily in secondary math classrooms. She is passionate about equity in the classroom and believes teachers are the key to students finding success in school and the world around them. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and staying active with her husband and two dogs.


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