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Using Google Classroom to facilitate a Self-Regulated Learning Environment

Updated: Oct 1, 2019


A brief introduction to setting up Google Classroom to act as a self-regulated learning environment, followed by hands on creation of a sample framework using Google's G-Suite: 1. Create a landing Page for Announcements and Assignments 2. (curating the) The Daily Action/Activity List 3 Feedback/Assessment Options 4. Ideas for increasing Engagement/Monitoring Activities Note: In order to participate participants will need an active personal G-mail address. (This will allow participants across multiple districts to participate). The session will move quickly.


Corina Summerfelt teaches Core French in Vernon, B.C. to grades 8-12. In this role, she has spent a significant amount of time working to empower students to discover and to advocate for their own learning needs. As part of this, Corina endeavors to combine her love of technology with meaningful applications for the classroom. Corina's own classroom is a blend of exploration, learning and technology. Corina is enthusiastic and dedicated to increasing student personal sense of achievement and ability. In addition to working with students, Corina supports teachers in her school with the Google and MyEdBC

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