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Catapulting Our way to the new curriculum

Updated: Oct 10, 2019


We are embracing the new curriculum by creating design-thinking projects. You are invited to come play with math with us. We will be playing with catapults and looking at how this fits perfectly into many different levels of the BC math curriculum. This year, we discovered how we can used them to teach different concepts within both Pre-Calc 11 and Workplace 11. Catapults, and other similar hand-on activities, create a sense of excitement with all students allowing for continued engagement. We realized the power these types of activities have, when our Workplace 11 students wanted to work with them so much, that they actually designed their own project centred around the new curriculum. Activities like these easily reach all the 7 principles of learning. Through the students’ engagement, we allow them to be at the centre of their learning and even having a hand in designing how the project is going to be carried out. We also draw many Horizontal Connections, as catapults and the math behind them have many different applications within the historic and modern world. During this session, we will show you how we use the curricular competencies in our projects. At the end we would also love to hear about your projects or lessons that work well with the new curriculum.


Laura Fairburn is a math and science teacher in the Kelowna school district. She spends much of her time trying to develop or find the most interactive way to teach a concept. She loves to engage her students with the fascinating world of Math and Science, through games, real world problems and projects.

Heather McIntosh is a math teacher at Mount Boucherie. Last year Heather taught Pre-calc 11, 12 and Workplace 11. She loves to play with math. She is always looking for new fun projects, games and challenges to add to her classroom. This year Heather was part of the the curricular competency team at Mount Boucherie and she was part of the new curriculum math video project through the ministry. Heather was a 2018 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education finalist. Laura and Heather are a dynamic team and they love figuring our math projects together. They both like to " make things", and they both use 3d printers in their teaching.


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