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Coding in the Classroom with the Learning Partnership

Updated: Oct 1, 2019


In this session you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of block coding using Scratch, an online block coding platform that is the basis for the Coding Quest and Coding Trek programs. Coding Quest is Canada's largest classroom based coding program that challenges students to build their own educational computer games in the classroom. You will also learn about the resources available to you to run this program in your own classrooms through the Learning Partnerships online resources and Scratch online resources. Lesson Plans and the Teacher Resource Guide will be provided and reviewed. Please bring your own laptop to this session to access the online program.


Lori Field is the Program Manager for the Learning Partnerships Coding Quest (Canada's largest classroom based coding program) and Coding Trek which uses Scratch Online coding program to teach the basics of block coding through an inquiry process. The focus is to build an educational game that will teach others and be presented at an end of year Arcade event.


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